Where to Find Squash Courts in Chicago

Where to Find Squash Courts in Chicago

There are several places to book squash courts in downtown Chicago. However, due to limited space and capacity, booking a reservation isn’t always easy. At Lakeshore Sport & Fitness, we boast 5 squash courts in our downtown Chicago location!

How to Play on a Squash Court

Squash is played on a four-walled court. The court is divided horizontally by a front line creating a front and back court. The half court line vertically divides the back court into back left and back right quarters. These quarters both contain smaller service boxes.

Along the top of the front wall and descending down the side walls to the back wall is an out line. The bottom line on the front wall marks the “tin,” a half meter-high metal area. The middle line on the front wall is the service line.

To serve, a one player’s foot must be inside the service box but not touching any of the lines. For a legal service, after the ball strikes the racquet, the ball must hit the front wall above the service line but below the out line and land in the opposite back quarter court.

After the serve, the players take turns hitting the ball against the front wall above the tin and below the out line. For a return to be legal, the ball must also not hit the floor immediately after striking the racquet. The side walls and back wall are still in play, as long as the ball hits below the out line. The ball can hit the side walls and back wall any number of times.

For a more detailed explanation on the Rules of Squash, visit the US Squash website or talk to our Squash Pros at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness! You can email them at ICSquash@LakeshoreSF.com to learn more.

Squash Court diagram

Booking Squash Courts is Easy

Schedule your own private games through our online scheduling portal or reserve the courts for your own private functions. Join us for leagues, lessons, drills, or just regular match play to get in some great cardio exercise. We provide a free skills assessment for all new players.

Not a member? It’s easy to join the club online. You’ll be playing squash in no time!

Photos of Our Chicago Squash Courts

Check out images of our squash courts in downtown Chicago! 

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