Whether looking for an exciting cardiovascular workout that exercises every muscle in your body or just a peaceful workout free from the disturbances of daily life, our pool is perfect for your aquatic needs. LSF@IC maintains two pools. Our eight-lane lap pool and hot tub offer you a convenient place to escape the bustle of life and to become one with the water. Our rooftop pool is the perfect place to cool down and relax or to sit and read with an up-close view of the Chicago skyline.The lap pool is open during normal business hours and provides access to swim instructors during our Masters Swim classes, as well as for adult and child lessons. The pool is also available to rent for private functions. For more information on rentals, contact us.

Swimming Pools:

Adult Swim Lessons:

Whether you are new to the sport or looking for pointers on how to improve your technique, our professional swim instructors can help you learn to swim or improve your strokes. Lakeshore offers private group lessons as well as private individual lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow for our instructors to personalize goals and objectives specific to the swimmer. Private lessons do not follow class sessions; however, most maintain a weekly standing time with their instructor. Lessons are held in the pools depending on space availability.

Private Lesson Rates:

  • Individual Lesson:
    $42/30-minute session
    $53/45-minute session
    $64/60-minute session
  • 6-pack:
    $237 (30-minute sessions)
    $304 (45-minute sessions)
    $370 (60-minute sessions)
  • 12-pack:
    $449 (30-minute sessions)
    $581 (45-minute sessions)
    $713 (60-minute sessions)

Semi-Private Group Lesson Rates:

  • Standard Lesson:
    $35/30-minute session
    $41/45-minute session
    $50/60-minute session
  • 6-pack:
    $198 (30-minute sessions)
    $231 (45-minute sessions)
    $284 (60-minute sessions)
  • 12-pack:
    $370 (30-minute sessions)
    $436 (45-minute sessions)
    $541 (60-minute sessions)


Email ICMembership@lakeshoresf.com for more information or to schedule swim lessons with an instructor.

The prices listed above are for current LSF Members. Non-Members may participate in 5 private lessons per year. Non-Member prices are $20 more per lesson for private and semi-private group swim lessons. 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations via email to ICMembership@LakeshoreSF.com and the instructor.

Masters Swimming

Our Masters Swim program focuses on improving a swimmer’s skills, technique, speed, distance, and ultimately time. These classes, taught by our talented US Masters swim coaches, are open to swimmers of intermediate to advanced levels. No tryouts are required; participants need only be proficient in the freestyle stroke. For more information on the program, contact us.