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Basketball is a great way to instill confidence, teamwork, and discipline all while making new friends. Children will improve their endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination, agility among other skills in this comprehensive program.


Private training can be geared toward players who need more individualized attention, have trouble staying on task in group classes, or have specific goals to achieve. Private training allows instructors to personalize goals and objectives specific to the player. Lessons are skill-based focusing on developing individual skill sets (dribbling, shooting, passing, strategy, and more), starting at where the player currently is and helping to sharpen and develop skills to maximize their ability on the basketball court. Private training programs do not follow class sessions; however, most maintain a weekly standing time with their instructor. Lessons will be held in the gym.


Private Group Classes are a great option for families in the neighborhood to come together or those looking to learn and improve by creating their own basketball group. We work with the group to set a date and time that works for everyone and set the number of lessons. Participants will be evaluated in the first lesson to determine the overall skill level of each participant and to determine the basketball program based on the overall group’s ability. It is best for participants to be similar in ability and goals.

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