How to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons

How to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons

Is your child about to start taking swim lessons? They’re about to learn some very important water safety skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Here’s how you can help them get ready before they start their first lesson.

1. Exposure to Water

Every child will have a different comfortability or familiarity with water when they begin swim lessons. The best way to prepare your child is to expose them to water. This could be in the pool or even the bathtub. Teach them how to splash, submerge their head, blow bubbles, etc. to gradually build their comfortability. Celebrate each little step with positive reinforcement.

2. Swim With Your Child

One of the best ways to prepare your child for swim lessons is by spending time with them in the water. No matter how old they are, you’ll help them feel more comfortable and confident if they you swim with them. It’s also a great bonding experience!

3. Play Water Games

Kids learn quicker through fun games. Swim lessons often incorporate games to teach certain skills. Even basic games like jumping in the pool from the side, diving for rings, floating contests, or gliding with a kick board are all great ways to build the foundation for water safety. This will also build familiarity with common swimming equipment.

Here are some more examples of pool games you can play.

4. Talk to the Instructor

Lessons can be intimidating for beginners. Introducing your child to the instructor beforehand can help ease any nerves. The instructors are there to not only teach, but help instill confidence and make the lessons fun. The instructor can describe what the lessons consist of and show them around the pool facility. Just by having a familiarity with the instructor will make your child more comfortable when they show up for their first lesson.

Where Can I Find Child Swim Lessons Near Me in Chicago?

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