LSF - Lincoln Park Indoor Basketball Court
Whether you’re an adult looking for a place to get in a game of pickup or a kid training to one day be the next great Chicago Bull, LSF’s recently restored basketball court is the perfect place for you. We host a weekly basketball league in addition to kid’s classes, private lessons, and general open play. For more information on the basketball league or kids’ basketball academy, check out our Programs & Schedules page.


Basketball is a great way to instill confidence, teamwork, and discipline all the while making new friends. In this seasonal session program, children will improve their endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination, agility among other skills in this comprehensive program. Sign up in the MyLSF App or contact for more information.

  • BITTY BASKETBALL (3-5 YEARS) An entry-level class that is intended to provide bitty ballers with foundational skills around hand-eye coordination, ball handling, parts of the court, and the value of teamwork. This class is very play-based, as we focus on skill development through fun drills and games.
  • YOUTH BASKETBALL (6-9 YEARS) This program is designed to get you prepared for the next level. Whether your goal is to learn the sport, strength skills, or try out for an upcoming basketball season or AAU team, fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, passing and conditioning will be emphasized in this challenging program. Players will also be introduced to the rules and strategy of the game and better understand spacing on the court.
  • JUNIOR BASKETBALL (10-13 YEARS) A continuation of youth basketball, this program will prepare each player for the next level by focusing on the development of ball-handling, shooting, passing, and conditioning with an emphasis on speed and agility enhancements. Players will also play scrimmages to focus on offense and defense strategy as well as court awareness. 



Private training can be geared for players who need more individualized attention, have trouble staying on task in group classes, or have specific goals to achieve. Private training allows for instructors to personalize goals and objectives specific to the player. Lessons are skill-based, focusing on developing individual skill sets (dribbling, shooting, passing, strategy, and more) starting at where the player currently is and helping to sharpen and develop skills set to maximize his/her ability on the basketball court. For more information email