We are excited to open our Curling Lanes this winter season! Located on the rooftop, adjacent to our Harvest rooftop restaurant, we have two lanes and plenty of activities, plus it can also be rented for private events.

LSF Rooftop CurlingOur lanes are synthetic ice with plastic “stones” so they are launched from one end to a target at the end of the lane. There are no sweepers that go down the lane with the stone and no curling brooms are used. All equipment is included.

Curling & Cocktails!

Fridays, 6-8pm. Rotating cocktail specials. Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available for purchase. Register on the MyLSF app. Non-members are welcome, contact Membership@LakeshoreSF.com to register.

Family Curling

Saturdays, 4-6pm. Bring the whole family to enjoy rooftop curling together. Fun for all ages! Kids can enjoy free hot cocoa during this special family-friendly curling time too!

Curling Lane Rental

Book through the MyLSF app.

Private Curling Parties

The following packages are offered, but we are happy to customize them for a larger party as well. For any option, please contact LPEvents@LakeshoreSF.com. (Pricing and offerings are subject to change, please contact us for the most up-to-date information.)

Curling, Drinks, and Snacks

  • 2 hours of curling lanes
  • 2 hours of covered/indoor Harvest exclusive access
  • Lounge area with fire pits
  • Assorted beer/wine
  • Charcuterie/cheese/fruit/veggie tray
  • Chips and guacamole
  • $75/person*
  • Minimum 6 people

Curling, Drinks, and Pizza

  • 2 hours of curling lanes
  • 2 hours of covered/indoor Harvest exclusive access
  • Lounge area with fire pits
  • Assorted beer/wine
  • Assorted Pizza
  • $75/person*
  • Minimum 6 people

Curling and Drinks

  • 2 hours of curling lanes
  • 2 hours of covered/indoor Harvest exclusive access
  • Lounge area with fire pits
  • Assorted beer/wine
  • $50/person*
  • Minimum 6 people

*plus tax and 22% service charge

Lincoln Park Curling Frequently Asked Questions:

When is curling available?

Curling is available during our special events listed above or for private rental.

How do I make a reservation?

Book through the MyLSF app or contact LPEvents@LakeshoreSF.com.

Can kids curl?

Yes, children can curl but if they are under the age of 16, they must be accompanied by an adult.

What shoes do we wear when curling?

The lanes are made of synthetic ice. We recommend tennis shoes or boots.

Can we rent out both lanes for a party?

Absolutely! Please email LPEvents@LakeshoreSF.com to book your next event.

Is curling easy?

Yes, curling is great for everyone. We provide the rules and scoring cards for you when you check-in.

Where is curling located?

Curling is located at our 4th-floor restaurant. It is outdoors so please dress appropriately!

Can non-members make a curling reservation?

Yes! Non-members are welcome to rent the curling lanes for their private events.

Curling Guidelines & Scoring

  1. Do not pick stones up by the handle or at all. Stones are only to be slid on the ice.
  2. Set stones gently on ice and slide toward the target — do not toss or drop stones even from a short distance. Slide stones back when finished — do not pick them up and carry them.
  3. Each team has 4 stones of one color. The teams alternate sliding the stones toward the target.
  4. Each game is played in 10 rounds.
  5. After each round (a round is when teams alternate throwing all 8 stones), the score is determined for that round. The team with the stone closest to the bullseye wins the round. That stone and any other stones that the winning team has inside of the rings each count as a point. See example:
Curling Scoring
image via Windy City Curling Club


LSF Rooftop Ice SkatingIce skating will not be available this season.  If you are interested in skating in the future, please email us at MemberServices@LakeshoreSF.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Come skate on our synthetic ice rink on our 4th-floor rooftop. The ice is available for complimentary open skating as well as a variety of great lessons, programs, special events, and birthday parties.