Squash is a game of grace, stamina, and athletic ability—described as Chess at 150 MPH. The preferred game of Wall Street has convenience on its side as only 30 minutes of Squash provides an impressive cardio workout. Extended rallies and constant running builds muscular strength and endurance in the lower body, lunges, and twists increase flexibility in the back and abdomen.

Squash Lessons

Private, semi-private, and group lessons for beginners to advanced players, tailored to develop basic techniques, or to improve and strengthen specific aspects of the game: Racquet control, straight and cross-court drives, boasts, volleys, lobs, drop-shots, and serves. Court movement, defensive and offensive strategies, solo practice, and fitness routines are also addressed.

Drill Groups

Small group, early morning, and lunchtime sessions availing for two or three players to develop and improve quality stoke production, court movement, and aerobic fitness.

Open Squash Challenge

Round-robin format, with helpful tips, discussions, and feedback from the pro to improve your game.

Free Squash Skill Assessment

One free half-hour squash skill assessment for new members, or members wishing to take up and learn this exciting game.

Learn More & Sign up

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