Making Time for Exercise

Making Time for Exercise

It should be a top priority to take care of your health, yet many people make the excuse that they don’t have time to work out. It is recommended you exercise for just 30 minutes each day, and the manner of which is entirely up to you. Here are some tips for making time for exercise.

Conduct a Time Audit

Do you waste time during the day? Simply keeping track of your daily activities will allow you to assess how much time you are spending on each task. It is best to conduct a time audit over the course of a week to see how each day goes. You can even go one step further and record for a month or two to determine if the amount of time for certain tasks is consistent. This will give you a better understanding of the bigger picture.

After you have finished recording, you can compare how you are currently using your time to how you would like to use it. Are there more efficient ways you could complete each task? Are there any tasks you could skip or assign to someone else in your daily schedule? Can the kids assist with household chores? You should be able to better manage your time as a result of the time audit so that you can integrate exercise into your week.

Schedule Your Workouts

Write your workouts in your calendar as if they were appointments and treat them as such. You’ll be more inclined to adhere to your routine if you plan ahead of time. This strategy will allow you to “make time” for exercise rather than “find time.”

Group Fitness Classes

If you’re pressed for time and not sure what exercises to do, take a group fitness class! Lakeshore Sport & Fitness has a huge catalog of classes you can choose from. We have something for everyone’s preferred style of workout, from yoga to cycling to HIIT. These classes are scheduled throughout the day all week long so you can easily find something that will work in your schedule. All you have to do is show up and follow the direction of our amazing instructors!

You can even take your preferred group fitness classes at home! LSF offers online fitness classes through our Virtual Studio. Register to have access to all of your favorite group workout sessions led by our certified instructors.

Exercise Outdoors or At Home

Having trouble finding time to get to the gym? At-home or outdoor workouts are also excellent options. While you might not have access to all of the gym’s equipment, you can still exercise using just your bodyweight or household objects like soup cans as weights. Own a dog? They enjoy being active, too! Walk or jog around the neighborhood with your pet so that you can both get some exercise.

Making Time for Exercise

You can find amazing amenities at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness such as group exercise classes, childcare, and cutting-edge fitness equipment (all included with your membership) to help you save time and still keep a regular training regimen. If you’re not already a member, click the button below to learn more about the many membership tiers we offer!

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