LSF Workout Series: Cardio Workout 3

rower cardio workout

All you need is the rower for this intense cardio workout! Visit our blog page as we release a new workout every week!

Workout Space: 4th Floor

Equipment Needed: Rower

Rowing Workout:

Begin experimenting with stroke rate and power output. On the Performance Monitor, stroke rate is displayed. Power output appears in the center of the monitor and can be displayed in watts, calories, or pace (time per 500m). Here are the workout details:

  • 4 minutes at 15 strokes per minute (spm), warm up
  • 3 minutes at 20 strokes per minute, comfortable effort; 1-minute rest.
  • 3 minutes at 22 pm, harder effort; 1-minute rest.
  • 3 minutes at 24 spm, comfortable effort; 1-minute rest.
  • 3 minutes at 24 spm, harder effort; 1 minute rest.
  • 10 minutes steady state rowing at your choice of power and stroke rate. Make note of what pace you settle on, because you will use it in your next workout.

What is Stroke Effort?

Stroke Rate (SPM) – Effort

14-16: 40-50% effort. Easy warm-up pace; just getting things moving.

16-18: 50-55% effort. Light, easy effort; ability to keep good rhythm.

18-20: 60-65% effort. Harder, but still have the ability to keep a steady pace and speak.

20-24: 70-75% effort. Working harder; heart rate is up; breathing shortens to a quicker pace.

24-26: 80-85% effort. Hard but manageable; heavier breathing; may be harder to just perform nasal breathing.

28-30: 90-95% effort. Workout is becoming difficult; heavy breathing taking place; hard to speak.


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