How Does Your Family Spend Summer in Chicago?

summer in Chicago

Summers in Chicago are something truly special, and finding the perfect activities to enjoy the season with your family can be both exciting and challenging. One fantastic spot that offers a wide range of activities for all ages is here at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Lincoln Park. Whether you’re looking for fun in the sun, delicious dining, or engaging events, Lakeshore has it all. Here are some top ways your family can spend your summer in Chicago.

1. Splashing Around in the Pool

Nothing says summer like spending time in the water, and Lakeshore Sport & Fitness boasts a beautiful pool area perfect for families. Whether your kids are practicing their strokes in swim lessons, just splashing around, or simply cooling off, the pool is always a hit. For parents, it’s a great way to relax and soak up some sun while keeping an eye on the little ones. With open swim times and a safe, clean environment, it’s a go-to spot for summer fun. You can even enjoy snow cones by the pool during certain hours on Saturdays in the summer!

2. Attending Family Events

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness takes family entertainment to the next level with their array of family events throughout the summer. From exciting family carnivals with games and inflatables to cozy family movie nights under the stars, there’s always something exciting on the calendar. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and create lasting memories all summer long.

3. Playing on the Rooftop Playground

The rooftop playground at Lakeshore is a dream come true for kids. With plenty of space to run, climb, and explore, it’s a safe and engaging environment that encourages physical activity and imaginative play. Parents can relax knowing their children are having a blast while staying active. Plus, the views from the rooftop add an extra layer of magic to the playground experience.

4. Dining at Harvest Rooftop Restaurant

After a day full of activities, nothing beats a delicious meal at the Harvest rooftop restaurant. This family-friendly dining spot offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, from healthy salads to hearty burgers. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy for parents to unwind while kids enjoy their favorite dishes. The stunning rooftop views and fresh air provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable family meal.

5. Playing Rooftop Pickleball or Tennis

For families who enjoy a bit of friendly competition, the rooftop pickleball and tennis courts at Lakeshore are a fantastic choice. These courts are a great way for families to stay active together, whether you’re seasoned players or just trying out the sport for the first time. The rooftop setting adds an element of fun and excitement, making it an enjoyable activity for all ages.

6. Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesday is a unique offering for adults at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. Parents can participate in a rejuvenating rooftop yoga session followed by a complimentary glass of wine. It’s the ideal way for parents to unwind mid-week.

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Lincoln Park is truly a gem for families looking to make the most out of their summer in Chicago. With a variety of activities tailored to all ages and interests, it’s easy to see why this health club is a favorite among local families. Whether you’re splashing in the pool, enjoying a rooftop meal, or engaging in family-friendly events, Lakeshore offers endless opportunities for summer fun and family bonding. So, how will your family spend summer in Chicago? We recommend starting here!

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