Growing Up Lakeshore: Programs for Every Stage in Development

Growing Up Lakeshore: Career Training & Job Opportunities for Teens
LSF has enjoyed watching your child grow from a toddler to a teen. From childcare and PeeWee to lessons and leisure play, “growing up Lakeshore” is a blast! For every stage in life, Lakeshore Sport & Fitness has something to support your child’s learning, recreational, and health objectives. As your child gets older, Lakeshore is here to support the transition of kids growing into young adults. Our youth and camp programs allow kids to grow up with us and eventually learn to become leaders.

PeeWee Preschool

Ages: 2-4
PeeWee Preschool is our drop-off preschool program for kids ages 2-4. This is perfect for kids too young to start kindergarten but also presents opportunities for them to learn and develop important social skills right away. Kids will stay engaged through active play, learning, creativity, and socialization. PeeWee Preschool even includes a 30-minute instructional swim lesson with a certified aquatics instructor, because foundational swimming skills are essential to a child’s development and safety.


Ages: 6 weeks – 12 years
Our childcare program is designed to provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment for children so the parents can focus on their own health or recreational objectives. Lakeshore’s experienced and certified staff members engage the children in a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, games, and physical activities. Parents can enjoy their workout or run errands without worrying about their children’s safety or well-being. Additionally, Lakeshore Sport & Fitness offers flexible childcare hours to accommodate parents’ schedules, making it a great option for busy families.



Grades: 1-3
Camp13 is LSF’s summer camp program for kids in grades 1-3. This is composed of a traditional summer camp but includes off-site field trips. Each week, the campers will enjoy 3 off-site field trips pertaining to that week’s theme. For the other two days, they will be at the club enjoying our traditional camp activities like swimming, games, and sports. This camp is a great way for kids to stay actively engaged all summer long, spend time with their friends, and build new friendships. They will have plenty of outdoors time and experience new adventures on the weekly field trips.



Grades: 4th-8th
If your middle school kids want to be part of an exclusive club, Club48 is the place to be! Held Monday through Friday from 3-6pm, and on weekends from 1-4pm, Club48 is for 4th-8th graders to hang out and have fun with their peers. Learning independence is an important part of development at this age, so they are granted certain freedoms where they can own their experience.
Once they arrive at the club, the middle schoolers will check in and choose from several organized activities. Even though the kids are granted freedom and independence, our staff will supervise the areas where Club48 participants have access.


High School

Grades: 9th-12th

Once your kids reach high school, they are free to use the club as an adult. However, we ask that you please help discuss club etiquette with them prior to their visits.

  1. Not congregating in large groups on workout equipment but rather working in and out with other members.  
  2. Not sitting on equipment on cell phones while not actively working out.
  3. Using appropriate behavior and language in all areas of the club.
  4. Using the locker room appropriately – changing and showering rather than using a space to congregate in large groups. No cell phone use in the locker rooms, keeping the volume and content of conversations to an appropriate level, etc.
  5. Being respectful of fellow members and staff while in the club.

We welcome your teens to use the club as they are our future adult members, but let them know that to be treated as adults in the club, it is important that they act as such. If you have questions on this, please email We appreciate your help as parents to keep the experience great for both your teen and all of our members!


Counselor in Training (CIT)

Grades: 7th-9th
Counselors in Training (CIT) work under Lead Counselors and begin to take on new responsibilities with younger kids. From helping to facilitate games and creative activities, to leading the groups through different locations, Counselors in Training learn what it means to take ownership, are mentored by their older peers, and are given a sneak peek into what it means to become a leader. Counselors in Training can submit an application here to be considered. All applications are reviewed by the Camp Management Team to ensure the CIT is ready for this next step.

Junior Counselor

Grades: 10th+
Paid Seasonal Employee 
A Junior Counselor gains more responsibility in leading activities, transitions, and pick up/drop off. Junior Counselors start to experience what it means to be a young adult by learning important professional skills such as communication with their team and supervisor, time management, and organization. We hold high expectations for our Junior Counselors so they can continue to grow into future successful roles as they mature. Junior Counselors can submit a job application here and will be contacted for an interview should their application be accepted.

Counselors & Lead Counselors

Counselor: Minimum 1 year of experience required
Lead Counselor: Minimum 2 years of experience required
Paid Seasonal Employee 
Counselors and Lead Counselors are responsible for overseeing their counselor group and owning the schedule for the day. In addition to leading, organizing, and planning activities, Counselors and Lead Counselors also support with general parent questions at pick up/drop off. Counselors and Lead Counselors have significant experience in camp or a similar environment prior to growing into this role. Counselors can submit a job application here and will be contacted for an interview should their application be accepted.
Camp Lakeshore - Counselor Opportunities

How to Apply

Let LSF help develop the skills your teen needs to grow in the world. Since this is a learning opportunity, we ask that your child take the steps to apply themselves and manage all communication with LSF. They will go through a formal interview process and should be prepared as such. They will be held accountable to standards of expectation for professionalism and performance. 
Not all applicants will receive an offer, so it is important to talk with your teen about rising to the top to get one of the best first-time jobs out there!


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