Camp Lakeshore 2022 Themes Revealed!

Camp Lakeshore 2022 Themes Revealed!

Camp Lakeshore is Ready to Scream the Theme!

One of the highlights of our Summer Camp program is our weekly themes! From Space Explorers to Mermaids vs Pirates, Superheroes, and more — all aspects of camp that week will embrace the theme. Dodgeballs become everything from cannonballs to asteroids. Every “Wacky Wednesday” campers and staff dress to “scream the theme” with guest entertainment or fun elaborate themed field days that bring all the fun to camp.

Camp Lakeshore - Camp Themes Unveiled

Week 1 (June 6-10): “Everything is Awesome!”
A fun welcome to summer with a week full of bright colors and everything fun and silly to gear up for a whole summer of awesome!

Week 2 (June 13-17): “Big City, Big Fun!”
We’re going to show off our Chi City pride this week and explore all the things that make this city awesome! We’ll celebrate everything from our sports teams to our beautiful skyscrapers!

Week 3 (June 20-24): “Abracadabra!”
This week is full of spells, witches and wizards, mythical creatures, and, of course, magic! Dust off your wand and broomstick for a truly magical week!

Week 4 (June 27-July 1): “Space Explorers!”
This week will be out of this world! Zip up your space suit and come discover other worlds, aliens, and travel to the corners of the galaxy with us! To infinity, and beyond!

Week 5 (July 5-8): “Pirates vs Mermaids!”
Pick your team and battle for control of the sea! Do you have a shiver in your timbers or a siren song in your heart? Come to camp this week and discover buried treasure and a pirate vs mermaid war for the ages!

Week 6 (July 11-15): “Party at the Zoo!”
Calling all party animals to come party with animals! Whether you roar like a tiger (like Lil’ T!) or waddle like a penguin, come show off your wild side this week! We’ll explore the animal kingdom and find our own spirit animals!

Week 7 (July 18-22): “Lil’ T’s Spirit Week!”
Show us your team pride this week to decide which camp team reigns supreme! A week full of friendly competition between our camp groups to decide once and for all which team really is the best! Wear your team’s color with pride and bring your A-game this week!

Week 8 (July 25-29): “Capes, Tights, and Superheroes!”
Show us your best superhero skill this week full of action-packed adventures! Dress up as your favorite superhero and help us save camp Lakeshore from any dastardly villains who try to thwart our awesome plans!

Week 9 (Aug 1-5): “Under the Sea!”
Join us this week for all things water fun! We’ll explore the depths of the ocean to search for the best ocean creatures lurking in the depths! Whether you’re a guppy or a tiger shark, you’re sure to want to dive in and make a splash this week!

Week 10 (Aug 8-12): “Island Adventures!”
Join us for a tropical getaway right here in Chicago! Grab your jungle adventure gear or relax and sip from a coconut on the beach in this awesome week at Camp Lakeshore!

Week 11 (Aug 15-19): “Kings, Queens, & Knights!”
Shine your crown or armor, grab your finest royal garb, and get your sword from the blacksmith – it’s time for a medieval adventure! We’ll train for both knighthood and to step into the crown one day! Join us on our quest to slay dragons, find the holy grail, and so much more!

Week 12 (Aug 22-26): “Lights, Camera, Action!”
Come walk the Red Carpet and become a movie star! For the Hollywood Star in all of us, we’ll learn how to shine in everything we do! With everything from a lip-syncing battle to a talent show, and maybe even a camp movie premier, we’ll truly have a brush with fame this week!

Week 13 (Aug 29-Sept 2): “Best of the Best!”
Over the summer, we’ve gone on a lot of amazing adventures, so join us for our last week to do the best of the best! We’ll end the summer the best way we know how—with our favorite adventures and activities from the entire summer! Join us to say goodbye, we already can’t wait for next summer!

Camp Lakeshore - Theme Weeks Calendar 2022


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