The Boom of Tennis During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The past year has been brutal in so many ways for sports participation of all types. Tennis during COVID-19, however, has surfaced as one of the few acceptable activities that can be performed. Even indoors, the size of the court facilities allows for social distancing to take place and demand has been increasing.

Tennis During COVID-19

Maybe you’ve felt this yourself when you’ve had difficulty booking a court, or found class availability limited, these are indicators of increasing demand. And the data will back this up as well. According to a report produced by the Physical Activity Council, an organization that tracks participation in over 120 sports and activities in America, tennis participation has increased by 22% in 2020 adding 3 million new players and representing a 44% increase from new players in 2019. A whopping 4 million more people played in 2020 than in 2019!

As a tennis coach, I have noticed an interesting side benefit in this time of COVID-induced disruption. The interactions with members, students, and co-workers has been great. Seeing families come out together as a way of getting out of the house and spending time together, kids getting out as a way of getting away from their computer screens, and others looking for physical activity has been great. People seem to be appreciative of being able to get out, learn something new and generally have an activity to do.

Tennis Brings People Together

For one family, the teenage kids set out to beat the parents in an ongoing rivalry. For another, two brothers have their own friendly rivalry that gets settled and resettled each week with their parents playing along.

During this extreme period where we are all working and living remote, disconnected lives, I have noticed in myself a little extra appreciation for the time and interaction with others as well helping me to feel a little less remote, a little less disconnected. Tennis is my life sport, and I’m appreciating this fact a little more this year. My fellow tennis coaches and I hope to share our love of the game with all who come try it at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness.

As you can see, it is no surprise there’s a boom in tennis during COVID-19. Want to get started yourself? Take a tennis lesson with us!


Written by Jed Abernethy, tennis coach at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness-Lincoln Park

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