Learn to Swim with Private Swim Lessons in Chicago

Private Swim Lessons in Chicago

It’s never too late to learn how to swim, especially because water safety is a vital skill to have. Group swim lessons are a great way to get started when you’re young, but if your child needs more individualized attention, or if you’re an adult who wants to learn swim strokes, private lessons are another option. We offer private swim lessons in Chicago for both children and adults.

Adult Private Swim Lessons in Chicago

No matter your skill level, adults have a number of opportunities to learn swim strokes, improve their fitness, become better swimmers, and even develop as competitive Masters Swimmers or Triathletes.

One-on-One Private Swim Lessons

Join one of our coach-level swim instructors for 1-hour swim sessions that focus on development of stroke technique that reduces frontal drag and increases efficiency in the water. Swimming with proper technique allows you to swim faster, further, and easier than before. Our instructors are committed to teaching swimmers how to improve their stroke regardless of current ability.

Triathlon Level Private Swim Lessons

Triathlon level sessions are booked with the Head Stingrays Swim Coach or Aquatics Director and develop proper freestyle technique and aerobic swim conditioning. Comprehensive video analysis and review is included and shared electronically along with recommended workout progressions catered specifically to each athlete. A four-session minimum is required as the program is meant to develop athletes towards their training and racing goals.

Child Private Swim Lessons in Chicago

Pre-Paid Private Swim lessons

Lessons can be geared for swimmers who need more individualized attention or have trouble staying on task in group classes. Private lessons allow for instructors to personalize goals and objectives specific to the swimmer.

Lessons are held in the pools depending on space availability. Pre-paid private swim lessons are booked per session according to the 10-week session calendars (Summer, Fall, Winter I, Winter II, Spring) and will be billed upfront and guarantee your lesson spot for the entire session. When you book a pre-paid private swim lesson, you are securing your day, time, and instructor for the entire session. Pre-paid private lessons are non-refundable and non transferrable. Due to high demand, we allow one make up class per session to be scheduled with your instructor based on availability.

Flexible A-La-Carte Private Swim Lessons

Flexible a-la-carte private lessons are booked based upon instructor availability and do not follow a weekly standing time with an instructor. This is a great option for those with busy schedules.

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