Get Stronger in Body, Mind, and Spirit with Chicago Yoga Classes


The practice of Yoga originated thousands of years ago in India. Initially composed of seated or standing postures, yoga translates to “yoke” or “union” – to unite the body, mind, and spirit during practice. Over time, yoga evolved into many different branches: some with more stillness and static holds, some with more movement or flow, and some with more modern modalities such as weights. Here are some Chicago yoga classes to improve your strength!

There are many types of yoga, each with their own unique benefits. Some might focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility, while others are more relaxing. Here are some of the Chicago yoga classes offered at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is technically the umbrella term for any physical yoga practice. This means that it’s generally up to the instructor to share their specific modality. Typically though, Hatha Yoga is thought of as prioritizing slower movements and static holds. This class is perfect for students who appreciate a longer time in shapes to discover them more deeply, or to simply get acquainted with them if you’re a newer student. Though slow and static might sound easy, Hatha Yoga is not to be underestimated in body, mind, and spirit – just try holding a plank for 2 minutes!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa translates to, “placing in a special way.” This “special way” is to utilize breath, intent, and presence as you move your body on your mat. Often called Flow, Vinyasa will give you more movement and fluidity, versus Hatha’s priority on stillness. Arguably the most common modern yoga iteration, Vinyasa improves coordination, breath control through movement, and a moderately elevated heart rate.


Yoga Sculpt

The most modern style of the practice, Yoga Sculpt combines Vinyasa Yoga and exercise. You can expect some of the breath-to-movement flow from Vinyasa, mixed in with dumbbell exercises, cardio bursts, and bodyweight conditioning. Yoga Sculpt will get the music bumping, your heart rate pumping, and endorphins running, all approached through the mindfulness of yoga.

Chicago Yoga Classes

Regardless of what style yoga class you take with us, or which instructor you practice with, the through line of it all is to strengthen the whole being. Get stronger in body, mind, and spirit through holding a Chair Pose in Hatha, flowing through Warrior II in Vinyasa, or blasting your biceps in Sculpt. You can learn more about our Chicago yoga classes at Lincoln Park and Illinois Center.

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