Get Moving With Cardio Tennis!

Get Moving With Cardio Tennis!

Are you bored of running on the treadmill? Need to find a new way to get your cardio exercise for the week? Cardio tennis is an exciting way to work out, play tennis, and meet new friends. Try cardio tennis in Lincoln Park to get your heart rate pumping and improve your tennis footwork at the same time!

What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio tennis is a class that is composed of tennis drills, games, and dynamic movements led by a tennis professional. Tennis is still being “played” during the class, but the primary focus is on the exercise itself. You will be hitting forehands, backhands, and volleys fed by the tennis pro, but it’s all about keeping you moving and achieving your desired heart-rate zone. You’ll experience quick bursts of high-intensity activity followed by brief rest intervals, just as you would in a typical HIIT class. Cardio tennis is a fun and exciting social activity that players of all skill levels can participate in together.

A warm-up, cardiovascular exercises, light hitting, and a cool-down are all part of a typical cardio tennis session, which is all set to upbeat music to boost your energy level. The instructor will bring a new mix of drills and games to each class, so it feels like a different experience each time. No more monotonous treadmill workouts!

Benefits of Cardio Tennis

Why would a tennis player participate in cardio tennis classes in Lincoln Park when they can just play regular tennis? Again, this is more of a group fitness class than a tennis lesson or match. Much like a group fitness class (ie spin or bootcamp), the goal is to get your heart rate up and burn calories. You’ll work up a sweat as you move up and down the court. If you’re looking to improve lower body strength, lose some weight, or work on your tennis footwork, cardio tennis is for you!

Cardio Tennis in Lincoln Park

Cardio tennis in Lincoln Park is offered in 10-week sessions, but drop-in rates are also available. Space is limited and registration closes 24 hours before class start times. Classes are limited to 6 players per court. Email to get registered or for more information.

In addition to cardio tennis, Lakeshore Sport & Fitness has a wide variety of tennis programming. We also offer private & group tennis lessons for children and adults, mixers, flex leagues, and more!

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