Exercise Benefits



A vast number of scientific studies have indicated the positive benefits of exercise to employers, employees and society as a whole. While you may not believe any one study, the sheer volume of studies from reputable sources should be compelling in its own right. Below we identify some of the key benefits identified, as well as the studies that they come from. If you have other studies you would like listed here, or other thoughts on the benefits of exercise, please contact us at memberservices@lakeshoresf.com

INCREASED Productivity and Work Performance

REDUCED Absenteeism

  • Fitness programs reduce absenteeism by 0.5 to 2 days per year resulting in dollar savings of 0.35% to 1.4% of payroll costs.” (Journal of Exercise Physiology, 2003)
  • Employees who were members of a fitness center had 1.2 fewer absences per year.

INCREASED Job Satisfaction

  • General Motors found that participants in its fitness program had a 50% reduction in work grievances.

DECREASED Employee Turnover

  • A fitness program reduced turnover among company participants by 32.4% over a seven year period. (Canadian Journal of Public Health, 1988)
  • Toronto Life Assurance found that participants in a corporate fitness program were 10 times less likely to leave than the average employee.

SAVINGS IN Healthcare Costs

REDUCED Depression

  • The CDC advocates physical activity in workplace health programs as a key way to prevent and reduce depression, an illness which impacts 18.8 million American adults, causing 200 million lost workdays and costing employers $17 – $44 billion.
  • Exercise can help prevent episodes of depression. (American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2013)

PROMOTING Anti-Aging Benefits

INCREASED Desirability of Fitness Programs to Employees

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of exercise, not just for physical health reasons, but for mental health and behavioral impacts as well.

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