What’s the Difference in Tennis Lessons: Groups, Privates, Semi-Privates


In tennis, there are countless ways to improve, whether that be by taking some time to play with friends, semi-privates, privates, or group lessons. But, what are the differences and strengths of each different option?


When first beginning tennis, privates are often one of the best ways to build a foundation for the game. Working one-on-one with a coach allows young and old to work on technique and other very specific aspects in an individual’s game.

Privates are also important for players who take the game seriously and are looking for a competitive edge. Tournament tennis players (whether middle school, high school, college or adult) can use private lessons as an avenue to develop better matchplay strategies, point development, and target their areas of need.

Additionally, privates are an offering where the client is in the most control of how they spend their time. If you are struggling with your serve, you can use the entire lesson if your heart desires to improve your serve. Privates are “your” hour more than any other option.


Semi-privates are in the same boat as private tennis lessons, as you can join in with a friend or teammate and work together. Great for doubles partners and families, it opens the door for using your time as effectively as possible.


Group lessons are also beneficial to all players, but the environment of these lessons are more controlled by the coach than players. They are a great way for young beginners to socialize and build friendships in the tennis environment.

They are also beneficial as junior players get older for point play and live action opportunities. While groups tend to be more “game” centered, these games are intended to lead to rallying opportunities between players, and to replicate matchplay strategies and situations in a low pressure environment.

Groups can be equally beneficial for adults in the same regard. They create a fun and competitive atmosphere, and are a great way to get a good cardio workout in a different way than a run or bike ride, in a coach-facilitated environment.

What’s Best?

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer. For any player who takes tennis seriously or who uses the sport as their hobby or athletic activity, a mix of both groups, privates, and semi-privates can help improve a player’s game in different ways.

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Written by Max McDulin, Tennis Pro at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness

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