Bring It In: 3 Safe Indoor Workouts to Do at the Gym

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Looking for an indoor gym to avoid the elements? Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, or too snowy, you can still complete your favorite workouts indoors. Here are 3 safe indoor workouts to do at the gym.

Lap Swimming

There’s nothing quite like soaking up some sun while you swim laps in an outdoor pool. Unfortunately, winter weather will put a stop to your swimming routine, unless you can bring it indoors. In order to keep swimming all year long, you’ll need to find gyms with indoor pools. Family health clubs, like Lakeshore Sport & Fitness, typically have indoor lap pools. The more lap lanes the better, as other swimmers like you will be bringing their outdoor exercise routines indoors when the weather gets cold. Even better when you can reserve your lap lanes in advance so you know you’ll have one when you get to the gym. 


Basketball is typically an indoor sport anyways, but there are plenty of outdoor courts where you can enjoy pick-up games when the weather is warm. One of the main benefits of playing at indoor basketball gyms are the fact that they often provide organized pick-up games and leagues. This makes it much easier to get regular games in and make new friends with your fellow members.

Cardio Training

If you’re one who loves walking or running outdoors, it might be time to bring your workouts indoors in the winter months. While there are plenty of dedicated runners who aren’t bothered by cold weather (some may even prefer it), you might be one who is more comfortable with a temperature-controlled environment at a local indoor gym. Treadmills, ellipticals, and stair steppers are good options, although not identical to outdoor trail running. However, gyms that have an indoor running track, like both Lakeshore Sport & Fitness locations, afford you a nearly identical running experience while indoors.

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